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Both Granite and Marble are a natural product formed in the earths crust over millions of years.

They both have unique textures, vast colour beauty and natural hygenic properties. They have been used in the preparation of basic foods in many countries for centuries.

Our various food board designs compliment any kitchen environment. Thay are an ideal and fuctional kitchen hardware accessory; whether you are a master chef or a passionate domestic cook.

> Food Board Characteristics:-

- Marble or Granite at room temperature, has a desirable base temperature 'setting' for the continuous use as  a Chocolate board.
- Marble (honed) has an ideal surface for preparing & kneading pastry or to make a pasta dough mix.
- Ideal product as a display platter / presentation board.

- Granite boards provide a functional food prepartion surface to make sandwiches.
- Natural sanitary qualities when polished. (After cleaning, a polished granite surface has the least 'bacteria count' than other wood, plastic or stainless steel food preperation surface produc type).

Food Board Features:-

- Our Granite and marble food boards are available in various sizes and colours.
- All our tabletop food boards have 'neoprene' support feet.
- A choice to have a 'food safe' sealant applied on the underside of any foodboard.

Coming soon.

- Desk 'nameplates' with gold foil. (Business / Boardroom / Manager) 

- Granite World Globes - (Boardroom / Corporate foyer)

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