Anton Corporate Accessories
Granite & Marble Products

Anton Granite manufactures a variety of unique granite and marble products.

All our products are designed and hand made in Australia.

They include:- 

- Foodboards
- Nameplates
- Corporate ornaments

The main product we manufacture are Foodboards (cutting boards).
Granite or Marble foodboards are used as a working base to prepare a wide range of food stuffs - from kneading dough, tempering chocolate to
making sandwiches.

They are a funtional and versatile addition to your select kitchen appliances.

We have been designing, manufacturing & distributing Granite & Marble food boards to the Australian food industry since 2008. Our range of products have been
developed & improved after dicussions and reseach with various businesses in the commercial & domestic food industry.

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- Corporate inscription - product sample:

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